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Leszek Osiński Export-Import Jolanta Osińska

[Poland] Alkaline cylindrical batteries

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We are offering batteries in sizes: A23, A27.Vinnic Alkaline Button Cell delivers a high operating voltage with excellent storage capability.Leakage resistant.
Applications:car pilots, alarm devices.
L1028-5pcs on card/100pcs-shrink pack,
L1028-50pcs bulk
L828- 2pcs on card.
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Leszek Osiński Export-Import Jolanta Osińska

Street:Połczyńska 74
Postal code:01-337
Phone: +48 22 6652797
Fax: +48 22 6652797

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Name and Surname: Jolanta Osińska
Phone: +48 22 6652797
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